Basic skin beauty knowledge

2016-06-11 295
If you have such a good skin, you should pay attention to a few details of the protected; if you do not have such a good skin, it does not matter, you only need to pay attention to a few details, you will have such a good skin.
1 understand the nature of the skin: the skin condition because of the physical environment and the age is not the same, and have not the same. It is necessary for us to fully understand the nature of the skin, and cooperation in various stages of skin changes and changes in the types of skin care products or conservation habits, so that it will not cause skin discomfort, the formation of skin doubt.
2. Don't often excessive massage: subtle facial massage of course on the skin beneficial, but massage weight velocity direction of movement will affect the skin muscle lines, the method of fault structure is lead to wrinkles. Therefore, the massage must follow the direction of the muscle fiber, a soft and detailed exercise, especially the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and weak, more needs to be particularly careful.
3. Skin tired not Fumian: when the skin in the sun exposure, or stay up late, lack of sleep, do not apply to face, because Fumian with influence, when tired skin thin to Fumian, but will form a bear skin, make facial skin more tight, want to deal with skin tired, the best way is by essence, will rapidly increase the skin's vitality and do some skin spa project is the best!
4. Correct excessive wiping habits: hard wipe wipe skin or scrub to clean the face, will only cutin of skin effect weakened the function, so that the skin is more dry. If the scrub and then rub on the lotion, the impact will be greater, originally, to thoroughly clean the skin need, gentle cleanser.
5. Do not squeeze acne and acne: squeeze acne will only in the face of leave scar, processing due to the good and the formation of irreparable pits a knot in one's heart, best to facial skin dry, is the best way to avoid the growth of acne.
Adhere to a good skin condition in addition to pay attention to the above points, the diet is also very important, which is to give us some ideas:
Beneficial to the skin moisture adhere to the food.
Water; water content of body tissue fluid reached 72%, adult body water content was 58%~67%. When the human body moisture reduction, will present the skin dry sebaceous gland excretion reduction, and then make the skin to lose elasticity, and even wrinkles, in order to ensure that the intake of water, the daily amount of water should be controlled by 1200ML.
Vitamin rich foods to avoid the skin to keep the skin becomes old and delicate moisture plays an important role.
Vitamin E can damage the chemical activity of free radicals, and then inhibit the aging. Vitamin E and prevent lipofuscin calm the skin effect, scientists have found that, on the formation of lipofuscin and lipid peroxidation, foods containing vitamin E are cabbage, sunflower oil.
Vitamin A, B2 when human body lacks vitamin A, the skin will become dry and rough with scales; if a lack of vitamin B2, can appear milky mouth, lips chapped skin desquamation and pigment calm, foods rich in vitamin A are animal liver, cod liver oil, milk, cream, eggs and orange and red fruits and vegetables, foods rich in vitamin B2 with kidney and liver egg milk spinach and lentils.
Containing iron food skin rosy gloss, the demand supply enough blood iron is constitutes one of the main component of hemoglobin in the blood, therefore often eat iron rich foods, such as animal liver, egg yolk, kelp, seaweed and so on.
Collagen collagen can make cells become full, then filling the skin, reduce wrinkles; elastin allows to enhance skin elasticity, then make the skin smooth and endowed with flexibility. Collagen and elastin rich foods have pig's trotters animal tendon and skin.
Salty food in the daily life of the fish, fish and other food grains are physiological acid. Excess acidic food will make the body fluids and blood lactic acid content was high, when the organic acid can not be promptly eliminated from the body, will invade sensitive epidermal cells, make the skin lose delicate and flexible, in order to neutralize acidic components, therefore, should eat physiological alkaline foods, such as apple pear orange and vegetable.
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