How much beauty knowledge

2016-06-11 309
A white cover 100 ugly, although old-fashioned, but this sentence classic too, whitening, is every woman seeking, more and white also white. Here to teach you the latest and most complete whitening tricks.
Don't wait to follow the prescribed order whitening
First and foremost, whitening is a step-by-step process of chronic, and heredity, diet, physical and mental health, and the external environment, the sun and other various factors, want to become an overnight snow white that is impossible. If to choose goods claimed to be fast freckle whitening or containing mercury or hydroquinone and other ingredients, do not be deceived, otherwise your skin can have to face the severe havoc. And acid skin, laser freckle whitening, must be known to all monument to the hospital or beauty salon for professional beauty doctor, but also based on the skin and physical and mental health, still need to look before you leap. And even the skin can not change your innate color, and rely on some kind of whitening freckle cosmetics or a resurfacing can achieve the whitening effect is not realistic.
Not the same whitening skin do not have the same plan
Secondly, whitening freckle should follow individualized programs, not the same color skin should choose different whitening freckle products. For example: oily skin need to use cream, milk, condensing, etc.; dry skin should use creams, oils, and with moisturizing ingredients of whitening products; sensitive skin should use no spices, no preservatives and other additives, commodity, to avoid to cause skin allergic reactions.
Note that the goods are not containing harmful ingredients
Third, the use of commodity is not containing harmful ingredients, whiten the skin also will with the passage of time on the skin have a negative impact on, such as single salon or whitening freckle commodity pursuit of a simple cost-effective, in the commodity in glucocorticoid, after using the skin color in the short term is getting better and better, but Tianchang in the course of time the skin will appear pigment pigmentation, atrophy, telangiectasia, folliculitis, acne and other changes to rehabilitation unabated is simply impossible.
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