The most common mistake to beauty! We avoid

2016-06-11 307
Error one: any hand squeeze acne
Acne completely good time is 7 ~ 10 days, will leave a scar and if you ignore it, time will only be 2-3 days, if use hand to squeeze, fingers on the bacteria will enter into the acne, may cause skin infection, inflammation, and make acne more and more deterioration. Every time your hand wants to fight the face of the time, to find something else to do. Stop using your hands to touch your face for 3 weeks, and you're starting to see a big shift.
Error two: use a towel to wipe the skin
After washing the face with a towel and gently wipe the skin better than dry water, especially if you are sensitive skin. The towel can cause irritation and friction, the friction for months and years will cause the skin to lose elasticity. If you use a towel to wipe the skin around the eye, black eye is more likely to form.
The choice of other towel is also very nervous, don't choose and towels as material, soft cotton towel on the skin less damage. Gently press to absorb moisture, especially good care, the skin will thank you.
Error three: go with decorative activities
Many of the mm with makeup, it is not recommended, our body temperature with the increase of the activity, pores will be small and relax big, even with the waterproof effect of make-up will still be Tuozhuang, will then let you Huarong ecstasy. And in the activities of skin need the air to breathe, cosmetics and sweat mixed blocked pores of the expansion and cooling, skin caused by the blockage, thus forming freckles, acne, acne, and many skin problems.
Accurate practice 1: before the first clean, and simple to wipe up the raise, will finance the skin in the course of the more peaceful activities. Like the choice of their own skin of the make-up water can be accelerated to draw, but the oily emulsion type, it will be with the sweat off.
Accurate practice 2: activities, also want to clean the face sweat, initiated by Fresh Cleansing activities, don't because of too much clean and pulling the skin, then you can according to your usual skin aftercare pace nursed back to health.
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