[beauty common sense] will be the formation of skin damage to the skin?

2016-06-11 290
Q: long acne can use foundation?
A: long acne is to use foundation makeup goods, as long as the selection of goods, and thorough cleaning, use liquid foundation is does not cause and aggravate acne doubt. Other foundation of main component is some mineral powder such as mica, and zinc oxide, they can not only help to regulate Changdou easy redness of skin color, but also has block external pollution effect together, zinc oxide can restrain urokinase, which can in great extent help restrain bacterium, the elimination of skin inflammation status and make the acne healing faster.
Q: is it true that there are heavy metal in the lipstick?
A: in fact, lipstick is not only rich in lead, and chromium, nickel, aluminum and other many kinds of heavy metals, however, even every day to use more than 3 times, it will not cause poisoning, and therefore can not unworthy, abandoned the use of. In addition, in addition to the daily use of make-up products, we breathe the air, eat food, drink the water is also rich in heavy metal substances, but the dose is minimal, and will not damage the health.
Q: mascara, Eyeliner Pen will form a black eye in doubt?
A: as long as a case, the use of mascara and Eyeliner Pen caused by dark circles, it is not completely uninstall. Inadequate cleaning will lead to make-up residue, make-up products in the accumulation of melanin long time to simply enter the skin, the formation of melanin type black eye. But do not worry, this kind of black eye and the other because of physical doubt caused by blood type black eye completely different, after the appearance can be thoroughly cleaned and the use of whitening products to improve.
Q: uninstall oil Zhangdou how to do?
A: use uninstall oil Zhangdou primary cause is uninstall the oil is not completely emulsified, blocking the pores, it was caused by acne, because of this, in using the uninstall the oil must flow of clean water repeatedly washed skin until there is no fat emulsion is residual. If their skin is oil, and easily Changdou, it is best to use texture of fresh uninstall water to replace the uninstall oil, so can avoid the occurrence of acne, can also decreased skin but, let skin durable fresh.
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