Beauty bed

2016-06-11 294
Frame structure
Usually underframe is wooden, iron plastic, stainless steel frame, aluminum alloy frame, general wood costs are relatively high, followed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel frame. The iron fastness was also relatively affordable, reliable, disadvantage is that after a long time, the paint will fall off, the interface will open. Stainless steel frame is recommended to use in the bath rub back or water rub bed and other places, even if the water is not easy to rust high humidity. Iron spray looks very smooth, but also is not easy to rust, easy welding into strong, but in wet places as stainless steel resistant to the rust. The reliability of solid wood bed is higher, and the higher grades, but because of the high cost, resulting in higher price.
Soft structure
Soft filler usually use both hard and soft sponge match and guarantee a certain comfort at the same time also ensures that the bed deformation and high elastic resilience. According to the material in the cortex fabric collocations, usually leather, PU leather, microfiber leather, leather, cloth fabric is also available.
Electric: 1 feel comfortable, delicate; 2, the use of high density sponge, elastic moderate, feeling comfortable; 3, adjust the function: bed height, back, legs (they can put the office or with the family together with).
Fumigation: currently on the market more popular not only beauty salons, there are, in their own home can also was, it through the warm stimulation, speed up your blood circulation and cell metabolism, so as to achieve the elimination of fatigue, eliminate the effects of stress, can also detoxification beauty, regulate some of the symptoms of disease.
Folding: love is more suitable for people traveling, easy to carry out, can also be used as a chair.
Style selection
With different shapes and materials, there will be a wide variety of styles. Italian style of general use monochrome bright color of the bedspread, simple, generous, personality; European and American will generally choose plaid, floral pattern cloth cover, to create a natural, warm atmosphere; classical style cover usually with a brocade or with gold silk fabric, showing gorgeous and noble temperament, applicable to high-end clubs.
In addition to the single style, also can mix and match. Such as simple modern style can match pastoral style or Chinese style cushion for leaning on, Chinese style can be with the Southeast Asian style mix, and to appropriately increase the ratio of the latter, but with European collocations, the latter only minor embellishment.
Quality selection
Quality mainly from the shape, material, technology, these three aspects of choice. In the fabric, the bed due to the application of more frequent, the texture of cloth should be thick, friction resistance, not easy pilling, long life, leather try to use mid-range durable leather; good fabric is almost no color difference, not easy to fade, Weaver is excellent and has a good anti fouling, some even with flame retardant, anti-static function.
Due to convenience and lining. The padding and the covering cloth are close together, the surface is smooth, the touch is comfortable, and there is no obvious broken fold between each part. Surface pattern stitching consistent, exquisite workmanship.
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